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The Gift

The Gift

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"A black box suddenly appears. It's a strange gift. The box has a life of its own, it does and undoes as it pleases. It whimsically decides to stay in the place where it has appeared. Then, questions and challenges face an urgent test: unraveling the mysteries that box holds. However, despite many efforts and initiatives, it seems impossible to know for sure. Could it be that the box contains nothing?

Fabiana Kübler writes the text, and in collaboration with Rosana Faría, who accompanies her with illustrations, they unveil the mystery of the black box. The images go hand in hand with the words to tell us that a black box has arrived for all of us at some point. Readers will be able to discover and enjoy in the book (as well as within themselves) the wondrous magic of so many gifts that life inexplicably gives us, even though it can sometimes be challenging to discover what they consist of."

Rosario Anzola


Hard cover

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21 x 21 cm

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