Fabiana Kübler is passionate about creativity. Her interests and creations range from visual arts to fashion, including jewelry and home object design. Her first entrepreneurial venture began at the age of 13.

She studied painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (USA) for two months and later spent a year at La Sorbonne (France) before traveling to New York to study Design and Management at Parsons School of Design. She returned to Venezuela and pursued a successful career in the fashion world for ten years with her brand, Atelier Fabiana Kübler, which was recognized in the country's most important media. With that brand she was able to intertwine creativity with social work and environmental awareness. Since she was 9 she has been actively participating in a non-profit in her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, that helps people with mobility disabilities. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts.

Since 2017, she has been residing on an island in the USA with her husband, their two children and their dog Milo.